A Girl Scout Adventure

First of all, I LOVE tulips. When I was about thirteen, my father and step-mom took my little sister and me to this tulip festival in Seattle. At the time, I don’t think I overly appreciated the experience or the time with them so much. What can I say? I was a sassy, moody preteen.

Now, looking back, I wish I had truly loved every minute of the experience and wish I knew where some of those photos were to share. I guarantee they are sitting in a box somewhere still not unpacked, despite being in our little townhouse for several years.   I seem to find little treasures like that from time to time, even though now, we’re slowly packing as we search for our forever home. Maybe as we unpack in that home, those treasures will all come to light again and finally have the place for them to be displayed again.

However, this past week, my daughter’s girl scout troop decided to venture to a local tulip festival. The first year this has taken place in our area and for Richardson Farm to host such an event alongside their private lake. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and location to work on a badge…their photography badge, of course! How could we possibly consider missing such a memorable opportunity and time together? We’d all be crazy not to enjoy this!

So while all these junior scouts ventured off through the fields, snapping images of flowers, each other, and so on, I went to work capturing the mamas who make this troop possible and their sweet babies. Without these incredible women who put these meetings together, the events, the research they put into each time we get together, there would be no troop. I am in constant admiration of these ladies! They work so dang hard for their families and continue to work just as hard for these girls. And let me tell you, each one of these little ladies loves and adores their mamas, or auntie, and our fearless troop leader.

I have watched this troop grow, change, and become more amazing since these littles were first-year daisies. It is so hard to believe this spring they will be bridging into Cadettes as they go on to sixth grade. I love watching their hearts grow into strong little ladies with a love for their community and everyone around them. It’s so inspiring to see the next generation of women and who they will hopefully become.

Cheers to all you mamas, aunties, grandmas, and the women who lead! You’re f*in amazing!

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