The Ties That Bind

I am a daughter of Christ, mama to three gorgeous little humans, and proud wife to my fireman / paramedic husband, Ian. My days are spent working as a leasing consultant, making (and drinking) more coffee than any one person truly needs, and editing images from the latest session. You can always find our family on an adventure, from scouting local museums to hiking Ice Age trails in Wisconsin, and all the dinnertime dance parties in between. On the rare occasion that our three littles are off with their other parents (ah, the beauty of a (usually) functional, blended family!), you’ll find Ian and I sampling at a new brewery, or heading to the front of the crowd at a Chase Rice or Hardy concert.

Grace & Knots Untangled

Photography was not always a dream of mine; in fact, it was never even on the radar – at least not in a professional sense. I have always instinctively captured the moments in which I saw beauty, be they in travel, historical architecture, or the silly antics of my kids. The piles of old family photos in the attic, yellowed and treasured and stored in a cedar chest built by my great grandfather, speak to a legacy of love that was just poised for my rediscovery. That spark was truly ignited when my husband bought me a big girl camera for my birthday – at once a window into the world that I didn’t even know was mine was opened. I am a voracious learner, and photography is my feast. I poured myself into gaining all the knowledge and experience I could. 

The rest unfolded naturally, and with the expertise, support, and mentorship of Elena S. Blair, and Stormy Solis, I limited my career as a leasing consultant in property management to raise my babies, and study all things photography, all while chasing the dream left on my heart. It is my hope to capture each family and couple that comes before my lens with absolute passion and authentic emotion, creating memories and keepsakes that their great-grandchildren will one day treasure, too.

“God creates the beauty. My camera and I are a witness.” – Mark Denman