Preparing for Your Family Session

Family of four hugging at sunset at the top of a hill.

If you have ever been to a portrait studio, you have experienced everything Lifestyle Photography is NOT. Lifestyle photography is free from props, stiffness, and the traditional expectations of family photos. These sessions are SO RELAXED! We’re not going to try to get your family into crazy poses, use props, or go after the “everyone say, cheese” shot – that’s not what I do.

You’ll be asked to slow down and genuinely enjoy being with your beautiful family, play with your babies, and love your other half. We’ll climb rocks, hike, adventure, and possibly end up with our feet in the water. I’ll ask you to soak up the smell of your sweet baby’s perfect little head. The way he curls up when you pick him up from his nap. The way she grips your fingers intensely, so fierce for such a tiny human. The way it feels to be wrapped up in your other half’s arms. These are the perfect moments that you will want to treasure.

I won’t thoroughly pose you, but I will offer a lot of guidance during your session, helping to achieve those beautiful, natural moments you’ve seen in my work. There won’t be anything awkward or cheesy (unless that’s your thing). It’ll just be about your family having a great time together. Lifestyle photography is about all those moments and the natural smiles and emotions that make your family yours.

There is no need to worry about littles behaving or cooperating. This time is really about being together. I will encourage your babes to play, adventure, and ask you to follow their lead. Children are not usually fond of being told to smile or pose. It is best we give them time to relax and capture their natural self.

Prepare your little for the session by letting them know a friend will be taking some photos of them; it’s best not to surprise them. Many families tell me they adjust their littles nap schedule the day of their session to make it easier for their babies. This sometimes means a little earlier in the day for the winter months or a little later in the summer months. Plan for a special day together as a family – dinner together before or ice cream afterward. Having a few clean, dry snacks with you also helps for those moments when a little one needs a break.

Together, we will plan your session’s location, style your family (starting with mom), and make this time laid back. Family photos should never be stressful. Don’t worry about being/looking tired; I know how to use light and angles to make you look your best.

My family and maternity sessions rarely last longer than an hour. Generally, they last about 45 minutes, but don’t worry! I can quickly get a diverse and adequate gallery in that timeframe. Your family’s time is valuable, and this is meant to be as stress-free for you as possible.

With this, you are going to get images that wreak love. Your child is going to look at these one day and SEE how loved they were. They will cherish these images showing them just how much their parents adored each other and ooze love for one another.

This type of photography will make sure you always have a beautiful reminder of this fantastic, exhausting (because, yes, parenthood is draining) time in your life.

Not booked yet? Book your family’s upcoming session by contacting me! I can’t wait to spend time with your beautiful family and learning about your story.

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