Mother’s Day Tulip Sessions

After such a long cold winter, it is time to welcome spring and all that it has to offer! The birds are singing, building their nests, baby bunnies are hopping through the neighborhood, mama deer are leading their young babes. (Yes, this is something straight out of our favorite childhood movies. I am personally still waiting for the birds to fly in and begin folding the mound of laundry that waits for me this very moment.) And Mother’s Day is near.

Being a mother is hard. Think about it, the spit up, diapers, 2am blowout diapers or suddenly ill children. The sleepless nights (even after they are no longer babies, but tweens, teens, and adults I assume from the conversations with my own mama). We never stop worrying about our little humans no matter the age. And our own mama’s for many of us are the first person we call for everything!

“We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” – Laura Stavoe Harm

I just want to celebrate all these amazing ladies out there – the real super heroes. This spring, I am offering a unique session for all the beautiful mamas and their families – the motherhood collection. We’ll be dancing, snuggling, and soakign up all the sunshine in the tulip fields of Richard Farm. This will be the first year for Richardson Farm to host such an event with 300,000 tulip bulbs. And all this alongside several acres of a lake! What a dream!! Follow this with wine tasting (every mom should have a wine for Mother’s Day and the laundry taken care for her), popcorn, fresh donuts, and FOOD TRUCKS! Okay, this mom is a little carried away with excitement over this incredible event.

Session Details

Session times are limited and are available for April 16th, April 29th, and May 1st from 4pm to 7pm – just in time for Mother’s Day. These sessions are designed for the entire family, lasting up to 30 minutes long. Each session will be $125 + tax, include 20 digital images in a private online gallery, and styling assistance (this will be so much fun to plan!). Families will be responsible for purchasing entrance admission upon arrival, so make an entire evening of it! Bring your clippers to pick the perfect tulip bouquet for mom!

To book your spot, contact me!

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