Stories in 52 – Week Five

Black and white image of the belly of a shark with light streaming from above it.

This week’s prompt for Stories in 52 was “motion”. With a promt such as this, there are so many directions and ideas I could go! Tryign to narrow down just what I wanted to capture was not easy, until this moment I stood in the Shedd Aquiruim under these powerful sharks. I was in awe the moment my husband and I walked into the exhibit. The lighting in the room as each beam danced through the waves overhead. These creatures gracefully gliding through the space together had my heart leaping for joy. I quickly flipped through the settings on my camera and went to work. How could I resist such beauty?

Oh, but it didn’t end there. After sitting for some time under this scene, soaking in all the peacefulness of this space, my husband and I continued on through the exhibit. Just when I thought I had completed my project for the week, we turned the corner and I was once again mesmorized by more of God’s beauty. There, jellyfish gracefully moved behind the glass. Have you ever just watched the way they move?

While I of course would never want to encounter any of these magnificent creatures in the wild, I could still sit all day simply watching them move and the light dance all around them.

View more from incrediable artists participating in Stories of 52 – organized by Amanda Lynn Photography. This project is meant to push artists to grow and see things in a new light. 

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