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My, oh my, oh my!!! If you knew me well, you would know I am jumping for joy and doing a happy dance all over the house. Okay, actually, I was standing at the Lake Geneva entrance, WI location of the Ice Castles, when I received this message stating my image had been selected for print. Here we were, my little family, walking into the Ice Castles, and I stopped dead in my tracks. It was really happening!

I have only been on this journey as a “family photographer” for a short time. Under one year, to be more precise. This micro-business was not something I set my sights out to create until May of 2020. There has always been a desire within me to create something from nothing, something of simple beauty, and share it with everyone! I have such a love for people, their stories, and learning from them.

Years ago, as a single mother of two girls, I worked in an assisted living, and my entire job was to have fun with the residents and talk! The stories they would tell from their days of being a pinup girl or a woman in the navy, to how their husbands drove miles to sweep them off their feet and ask for a date…each one of them made me fall in love with the art of telling a story. My residents were always so proud to show me the photos from the “good old days” when they sat in a room with John Dillenger and traveled to the California coast to stay with Walt Disney. My goodness! What life must have been like in those days. Not going to lie; there are times I feel as though I was born in the wrong era of life.

Having spent so much time listening to these residents’ amazing stories, something inside me grew to desire a way to share their stories more and more. And now, here I was, standing with my husband and three littles, jumping for joy under walls of ice reading a message from Storyteller Magazine. One of my absolute favorite images of my sweet daughters was being published in their 54th issue! The first time any of my work was being shared alongside some of the most talented photographers! This moment has inspired a series of personal projects I hope to complete this year, share with y’all, and simply see where the journey takes us.

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