Stories in 52 – Week One

A Story of 52 Weeks

Each year, I promise myself I will do more to document this crazy thing we call life as our “babies” are growing so quickly. “This is the year!” I tell myself, and come a few weeks in, I am falling behind. While I adore 365 challenges, I found myself unable to keep up with one’s demands and opted for a different version for 2021 – project 52.

This is my own story of a year that continued to be challenged by remote learning, adjusting to life working from home, and all that comes our way. I have joined a group of incredibly talented photographers in this journey, and together, we are documenting our year with a new prompt or challenge. This list was rather daunting when I first looked at it. I mean, how am I to be creative enough to capture things like “eyes” in a new manner?? Or “faceless portrait?”

I feel as though each week will push me a little further into my journey as a photographer and artist. Something truly needed for me as I am working through these crazy emotions of understanding the God-given dream on my heart before my feather turns to dust (ever read the Dream Giver?).

Each week, I will be adding in the latest challenge and image I am in love with. This is so near and dear to my heart, and I cannot wait to see where it takes those I am working with and my journey.


Week One – Who I am

This is always a challenging subject as we all tend to wrap our identity in our job, marital status, parenthood, etc. While I am a wife, a mother, and a photographer, I am so much more than just those titles. I am a daughter of Christ, passionate about minimalism, and love people like they are my best friend no matter if it is the first time I have met them! I adore listening to my grandparents, aunts, my mama and dad tell my stories of our family as they were kids.

In my home, I have a cedar chest that my great-grandfather built from the cedar trees on his farm – this chest is full to the brim with stories, albums, and memories of the generations before us. Photos of my recently passed grandfather and the times we spent together venturing through creeks in the Ozarks searching for fossils and arrowheads. Handmade baby blankets by my great-grandmother, an album my grandmother made me with my baby dresses, photos of my mother and father while I was tiny, and so much more.

Who I am is not an easy prompt for me – I am just someone madly in love with family and the stories we share within the generations. So here is my week one, who I am.


View more from incrediable artists participating in Stories of 52 – organized by Amanda Lynn Photography. This project is meant to push artists to grow and see things in a new light. Or check out the next weekly story.

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